The Loving Locks Classroom and Spaceshare

Loving Locks has the first space share suites intended for Sisterlocks® trainees and consultants.

Space Share provides a place for Sisterlocks® consultants, trainees, and other professionals to maximize their earnings, build clientele and receive mentorship in one place. New entrepreneurs can maximize their earnings and begin to build their clientele one day at a time.

Complete the Questionnaire prior to booking:

Space Share (Daily Drop-In)


Freedom and independence without excessive start-up cost.

*Be your own boss. Set your own hours

*Make more money: don’t share your       earnings

(This is a pay-per use option)



Classroom/ Multipurpose 

(Daily) 8:00am-9:00pm

Classroom, Conference Room, Event Space (8-10 students) Easy, accessible location 1 block from 275 with plenty of parking WIFI, Tables, chairs, Flat screen provided


Equipped with:
Large TV
HDMI connection
Internet connection
Air-condition, heating