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Sisterlocks® Classes and workshops officiated by Home office are offered year-round in most states and in several countries. These top-notch sessions are all taught by professional Sisterlocks® Master Trainers and Certified Training Associates. Visit for a full listing of available consultant courses.  For classes provided by Loving Locks click on the book now button or call for registration.


"Successful Women don't compete, they collaborate"- Unknown


SISTERLOCKS® Specialty classes

SISTERLOCKS® Style Like a pro: Quick Styles made easy. Learn quick styling technniques and a few professional stylists' secrets that will take your look from flat to fabulous! 

SISTERLOCKS® Lock Rescue and Maintenance

S.O.S. Locks in Distress?

Protect your beautiful locks! Get tips and advice on how to maintain them, and what to do when things go wrong.  Learn which Sisterlocks products and techniques can help.


SISTERLOCKS®  " Coloring With Care"

Learn General Tips for getting the best results with your coloring choices.

All Things SISTERLOCKS®  (Free)

Informational click below for Webcast

The "Sisterlocks Approach" 

  1.  Our hair delimmas are not exactly about 'hair.'  It is our self image within the context of our cultural identity which is still a source of confusion and anger.  Sisterlocks is not about a hairdo, but a way of life.  we were torn from cultures where hair care was a part of a cultural whole.  

  2. It is a given that women need to have choices in how we wear our natural hair.  Until our natural hair care practices  are prominent in those choices, hair straightening and hair processing will continue to carry the stigma of "the cover up".   Sisterlocks wants to avoid the opposition of processed and naural hair.  Hair care practices are not always natural, but cultural.  

  3. The value of natural hair is not intrinsic, but determined by the prevailiing norms of our culture.  We as African American women have sucha provfound need to affirm ourselves today to our natural hair care practices, because our hair for so long has been oppressed hair.  - Dr. JoAnne Cornwell 

Learn how Sisterlocks began!



Sisterlocks Self re-tightening class.jpg

SISTERLOCKS® Self Re-tighten class 

Sisterlocks® Self Re-tightening Class is intended to give clients the flexibility of maintaining their own Sisterlocks®  between appointments, or when you cannot maintain regular appointments with your Consultant. You must have Sisterlocks® established by an authorized Sisterlocks® trainee, consultant to register. (Proof will be requested)

(Onsite with safe distancing and plexiglass barriers for safe work spaces) May request one-on one instruction


Online Sisterlocks®  self retightening (Price set by HO $325)

This class is a collaboration with home office, registration must be made through Sisterlocks home office.

Loc self re-tightening class (Non-Sisterlocks®) Online option available.

Tightening tool provided

Tool not authorized for use on Sisterlocks®

This class is for loc persons with all types of  small locs.  This class will teach you retightening of your own interlocks, microlocks, and small tooled Locs.  This class is not available to Sisterlocks® wearers. A locing tool is provided. The tool provided is not recommended for use on Sisterlocks®.
Tool Types
Finishing Needle  (Provided in kit)

Nappy loc tool (Purchase prior to class)
Easy Loc tool (Purchase prior to class)
London loc tool (purchase prior to class)

"O" Locker  (Purchase prior to class)




Mentoring Program for the Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Reach your goals Faster

Refine your Technique

Grow your Business

We all start somewhere, we all may need help sometimes.

1) Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

2) Ask For Help

3) Strengthen your weak areas

4) Make your best better


Mentorship sessions include comprehensive classroom group sessions covering the topics below (Limited students per class).  Students will work on multiple live models in the salon setting during mentorship

  • The Consultation

  • Parting and Sectioning

  • Repair techniques

  • Speed tips

  • Sanitation

  • Hair Analysis

  •  Social Media Guidelines

  • Product Knowledge

  • Step-by-step certification guidance

  • How to complete client record documentation

  • Acceptable certification pictures

  • Live model Sisterlocks® establishments

  • Live model Sisterlocks®  Retightenings

  • Customer Service


We will review and apply theory and technique learned in class to client services.

(We work on clients and mannequins)

Mentorship strengthens a trainee to feel more confident about the quality of their work prior to submitting it for evaluation and confidence providing services.

Both programs covers the same topics, for best results attendance to hands on salon services sessions is highly recommended but not required. (a certificate of completion will be provided upon completion) 

Mentorship Accelerated Program:

Half day classroom workshop (4 hrs) and up to 4 weeks hands on in the salon servicing clients. (Suitable for out of town students, who want  hands on sessions within a weekend)


$1800/ $300 Accelerated Program

Three month program or accelerated with certificate


 SISTERLOCKS® Blended Training w/Online

Register for the new Sisterlocks® Blended Consultant Training Class w/Online

Registration through Home Office Only

The BLENDED course is 32 Hrs. (16 online /16 In Class). Online segment is mostly self-paced and officially starts two-weeks prior to the 2-Day, In-Class Session.

In collaboration with Sisterlocks® Home Office, Janelle Wilson Certified Associate Trainer and owner of Loving Locks, will be teaching classes. Come join the class!

Photo is of the first class in February 2021 class hosted at the Loving Locks.


to enroll.

First Sisterlocks Class Hosted at Loving

Multiple Dates


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