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The Business Collective is a subsidiary of Loving Locks  -

A network of Businesses working together, supporting one another, sharing ideas, and growing collectively. 



The Business Collective operates by our guiding principles, which are to work with and for each other, and always on behalf of our clients. Above all, engage in ethical conduct and pursue excellence.

The Business Collective - A subsidiary group of Loving Locks for the Sisterlocks® practitioner.

Janelle Wilson

Sisterlocks® Certified Associate Trainer,  Brand Ambassador, R-Certified,

Owner of Loving Locks

Founder of "The Business Collective "

Jwilson@lovinglocks.net 734 795-0177

IG: jwilson08


FB: LovingLocks

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Bachelor of Science degree in Individualized Studies:  Concentrations in Foundations of Environmental Science, Public Health, Business Administration, and Liberal Studies



Official ​Sisterlocks® training.  - Sisterlocks.com - Dr. JoAnn Cornwell founder of the Sisterlocks™ system.

 Sisterlocks® Evaluator

January 2020

Sisterlocks® Associate Trainer January 2019

Sisterlocks®  Brand Ambassador July 2018 

Sisterlocks® R-Certified to teach Re-tightening  July 2018

Sisterlocks®  Product Distributor

Sisterlocks® Certified Consultant since July 2008

Loc Cranial Prosthesis provider - Chenel Thomas Bonded by Roots training academy (Not associated with the Sisterlocks™ brand)

Advance Locking Methods - Training by A. Denton Lockology (Not associated with the Sisterlocks™ brand)

Honors and Awards

Recognized by the PCAF (Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith) International Women's Forum with a

Personal Achievement in Education and Entrepreneurship Award - 2008

Kia Jones Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Business Collective Member:Kia Jones

989  297-6644



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Sisterlocks Practitioner offering    Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks and Interlocks in at Loving Locks and Saginaw area.



Training Completed:  August 2020

Darlene Adams

Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Business Collective Member:

Diva 2 Divas


734 664-8488


Training Completed: August 2020
Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Brianna Guyton

Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Business Collective Member:

Yoga Bay LLC/ The Phoenix Project



(313) 377-2907


Yoga Bay, LLC was birthed out of the visionary, Brianna Carletha Guyton’s desire to share healthier alternatives that would promote good health and overall well being.  

Miss Guyton offers instructional classes in Vinaysa, slow flow and Fusion based yoga clasees. Ms. Guyton also provides health and life coaching which promotes habit change and not just gives you a "to-do" list that never really gets done.

In addition, Yoga Bay, LLC offers education on various approaches to improve health and overall well being at The Phoenix Project.


Training Completed:  August 2020

Jamila Walker Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Business Collective Member: Perfectly Loc'd

Jamila Walker  313-820-2820 or perfectly.locd@gmail.com

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Certified Sisterlocks Practitioner offering    Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks and Interlocks in the Detroit, Westland and Plymouth area.



Training Completed:  September 2017
Approved Sisterlocks® Practitioner:  August 2019

Via Kym-Weary

Sisterlocks® Certified Associate Trainer,  Brand Ambassador, R-Certified,

Business Collective Member:

Au Natural Locks


(313) 231-3352


Via Kym’s Knowledge Includes:

  •  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

  •  Do It Right For Life Nutrition Educator

  •  CPR & AED Certified by American Red Cross

  • Certified Zumba Instructor (Zumba Basic, Toning, Gold, Kids and Kids Jr. and Aqua Zumba) with solid experience leading classes for children, teens, adults and seniors geared to their level of physicality.

  • Certified YogaFit Instructor

  • Certified PoundFit Instructor


Training Completed:  April 2001
Certified Since:  August 2006
R-Certified Since: July 2009
​Brand Ambassador Certified: July 2018  

Entrepreneurial visionary, philanthropist, and master networker Via Kym is a woman committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.  She ascribes to the view that healthy living is the one way to look and feel good. Feeling good is the result of hydrating your body with good water, making healthy food choices, periodic physical check-ups and commitment to regular exercise.  Looking good is achieved through putting in the extra work to take care of your skin and hair. Via is a certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant, and through her company, Au Natural Locks, she has served the metro Detroit hair community for over 20 years.  She prides herself on promoting healthy hair growth without chemicals, perms or costly products.

Marie Wilson

Sisterlocks® Practitioner,

Business Collective Member:

Kinky Crowns

​Marie Wilson  313-551-1519 or  msmarie0224@gmail.com


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Marie provides Sisterlocks® , Interlocks, and Traditional Loc services and has a cosmetology background.

Sisterlocks® practitioner offering special rates for all new Sisterlocks® clients,


Specialty services only offered by Marie at Loving Locks

  • Traditional Palm Rolled Locks (Establishment)

  • Traditional Loc Retightening

  • Traditional Loc Grid Reconstruction (Price per hour)


Training Completed: January 2019

Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Ramona Underwood

Sisterlocks® Practitioner

Business Collective Member: 

Mona Peacewalker

Angels For Healing




Certified Wellness Practitioner 

As a wellness practitioner my goal is to help you uncover your true potential. Helping you make radical improvements in your life is my focus. I provide support and guidance as a wellness practitioner for transforming the issues that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Whether you want wellness practitionering help achieving a specific outcome or wish to enhance all areas of your life, I can help you get there faster.

If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love!

Jill Weary

Sisterlocks® Practioner 

Business Collective Member: Pretty & Waisted

Jill Weary 313-996-9897 or or jweary1991@gmail.com


Training Completed:  July 2019
Sisterlocks® Practitioner

The Business Collective - A subsidiary group of Loving Locks for the Sisterlocks® practitioner.


Team Members are Provided:

Business Collective members may use Loving Locks space share options to service their own clients and clients from other businesses, receive guidance and client assignments, and product commission. Business Collective members may use space share at the the space share rate.


To join the team send an email to Jwilson08@lovinglocks.net