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Introducing Space Share

Loving Locks

Mar 24, 2023

Introducing Space Share (chair rental) for Sisterlocks®️ practitioners, braiders, and cosmetologist.

Introducing Space Share (chair rental) for Sisterlocks practitioners, braiders, and cosmetologist.

If you are a Sisterlocks practitioner looking for a chair rental to service your clients, space share provides a place for Sisterlocks practitioners to maximize their earnings, build clientele and receive mentorship in one place. New entrepreneurs can begin to build their clientele one day at a time.

Space Share chair rental is priced by time intervals as needed 1-12 hours (PAY PER USE) Workstation is within a suite (Affordable rates for new practitioners with growing clientele)Private Suites are rented monthly

Click the link to checkout our options!******Braiders and Licensed Cosmetologist are welcome!

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